Downfall -  Title Image

Downfall for Amiga is a game, based upon homebrew title for the Atari Jaguar, which itself was inspired by an Atari 2600 game called Man Goes Down. As you will have gathered, it's a very simple platform affair but one based on falling, rather than jumping. As the platforms scroll up, your task is to stay on the screen without getting squished at the top, or falling to your doom at the bottom. Although a basic concept (one livened up slightly with the addition of bonuses) it's a surprisingly tricky and compulsive idea that had me coming back for 'one more go' on an alarming number of occasions. Amiga version adds two player game option and a couple of power-ups.

Screenshot: Downfall  game screen - Amiga game, png image
Title screen (OCS version)
Screenshot: Downfall  game screen - Amiga game, png image
One player game (OCS version)
Screenshot: Downfall  game screen - Amiga game, png image
Two players game (AGA version)

Controls: joysticks left / right for movement, P pauses the game, M toggles ingame-music on/off.
Important: you must leave the game with ESC key, otherwise the scores will not be saved.

Collectable power-ups:
- speedup, - fall slower, - double score rate, - slow down, - fall faster, - half score rate, - freezes other player
All these pick-ups work for 10 seconds, except freezer, that works for 2 seconds. All the other fruits collected add 100 points multiplied by the level number to the score.

Download Downfall:
Full release OCS version 1.0: Amiga Lha game files (LHA packed) or ADF (zipped) for WinUAE emulator.
Downfall AGA: WIP 2 Lha game files (LHA packed) or ADF (zipped) for WinUAE emulator.

Downfall OCS blitz basic Source code (LHA packed)
View the Downfall manual for more information
You can also find the game on Aminet


coded in Blitz Basic, started January 8th 2012, OCS version finished March 8th 2012
AGA version started April 18th
all the graphics drawn in Deluxe Paint 4.02
Remainder software now on Facebook:


Coding: Graham Humphrey
Graphics: Predseda
Music: Reynolds
Sound effects: wilshy
Level design: mihcael, Graham Humphrey
Level editor: Lonewolf10
Game testing: EAB

Release History:
AGA WIP2 (27.05.12)
- Background now changes colour every three levels
- Support for CD32 pads added
- Music and SFX on/off keys less sensitive
- 256-colour Remainder Software logo and credits screen added

AGA WIP1 (22.04.12)
- First public release of AGA version
- Parallax scrolling with new background added
- New title screen, high score table and score panel added
- Dotted line borders and copper gradient removed

Version 1.0 (09.04.12) - FULL OCS VERSION release for Amiga 500
- Music problems fixed (although the music can't be turned off under Kickstart 1.3)
- Dotted lines added either side of the playfield to indicate the border
- The 'objects in platforms' bug fixed
- New start game, game over and poweup sound effects added
- Credits screen modified

WIP11 (01.04.12)
- Now have thirty levels in total thanks to mihcael
- Random level selector added
- Invisible objects bug fixed
- Highscore entry bugs fixed
- New music module added thanks to Reynolds
- Copper background changed thanks to DJCruicky
- Frequency of appearance of pickups increased

WIP10 (25.03.12)
- Four new levels added plus old ones reworked/tweaked - all mihcael
- Proper highscore table with loading and saving added
- Points now added to slow down and weight pickups

WIP9 (18.03.12)
- Graphical glitches all fixed - thanks to DJCruicky
- Powerups now added
- Levels five and six added - thanks to mihcael
- Placeholder scores on highscore table plus credits screen added
- Pause function added and now no longer need to press fire to get back to title screen
- press 1-6 on numeric keypad to select level
- sound effects for collecting items produced by wilshy

Known issues:
- Pickups still end up in platforms sometimes

WIP8 (11.03.12)
- Title sequence added - game now loops back round when you die
- Levels three and four added + alternate level one - thanks to mihcael
- Two-player mode added (press second player`s fire button to enable)
- A couple of pickups replaced by Predseda
- Order of main loop changed to prevent collision problems with pickups - thanks to DJCruicky

WIP7 (04.03.12)
- Level 2 created and code added to move to the next level when needed

WIP6 (26.02.12)
- New score panel, game over logo and new objects drawn by Predseda
- Feet buried in platforms issue partially fixed - thanks to dazzleman
- Player movement code fixed to allow correct functioning of player two later - thanks to DJCruicky
- Score counter now increases at faster rate when close to bottom or top of screen
- New 60-row level designed

WIP5 (19.02.12)
- Copper graduated background added
- Pickups added
- New font designed by Predseda included

WIP4 (12.02.12)
- Inertia now working
- Extra animation added to account for when the player lands after falling
- Basic scoring added

WIP3 (05.05.12)
- Graphics added (main sprite and platforms)
- animation of the main character implemented
- quit routine after the player falls off the screen

WIP2 (29.01.12)
- Player sprite now appears and moves around the screen, although no animated
- scrolling routine updated to match the original Jaguar version

WIP1 (24.01.12)
- just a scrolling routine with basic platform tiles, no player interaction